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26 Seater Tempo Traveller

No. 1: Seating Capacity- Luxury 26 Push back Recliner Seats.

Need a bit more room to stretch and relax during your travel?  With ample space for your group, this option allows you to travel with more legroom and luggage space, ensuring a stress-free journey. The seater Tempo Traveller is a popular choice for corporate excursions, school trips, and larger family gatherings, where a little extra space goes a long way.

No. 2: Facilities- Music System/LED TV/Mic/Mobile Charging Point/Moon lighting/ICe Box

A high-quality music system with speakers strategically placed within the Tempo Traveller, allowing passengers to listen to their favorite tunes and enjoy a lively atmosphere during the journey. An LED TV or DVD player can be a great source of entertainment, especially for long journeys.  Charging points throughout the Tempo Traveller allow passengers to keep their smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices charged during the trip. Soft, ambient moon lighting or roof-mounted LED lights can create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere inside the vehicle. An icebox or small cooler inside the Tempo Traveller helps keep beverages and snacks chilled, providing refreshments for passengers.

No. 3: Safety- GPS Enabled Vehicles.

We take safety seriously, and that's why all our Tempo Travellers are equipped with advanced GPS tracking systems. Your safety is our top priority, and we believe that having GPS-enabled vehicles enhances the overall travel experience and provides you with peace of mind throughout the journey.

No. 4: Service Type-Outstation Bookings/Monthly Rentals.

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient travel service for outstation trips or extended journeys? Look no further! At Nonu Ji Travels we offer two fantastic service types to cater to all your travel needs: Outstation Bookings and Monthly Rentals. Whether it's a weekend getaway with friends or a month-long corporate project, we've got you covered!

No. 5: Vehicle Climate- Fully Ac/Heater.

At Nonu Ji Travels,  we understand the importance of your comfort during your travels, regardless of the weather outside. That's why all our Tempo Travellers come equipped with a fully functional Air Conditioning (AC) and Heating system, ensuring a pleasant journey, no matter the climate.

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